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I have an education through Animal Behavior College with Basic Dog Obedience. I also have a certification through Duke University for Dog Emotion and Cognition. I am currently continuing my education through Penn Foster for an additional Dog Obedience certification. I have also worked in veterinary medicine for a little over 2 years. 
Available Monday-Friday
8am-6pm & Saturday's 9am-4pm. Appointments are first come first serve, so slots tend to fill up quickly. Call and make your appointment today!
In YOUR home training! I feel that dogs learn better in their own environment. Making them feel comfortable and at ease is the best way to communicate without any distractions or anxieties from being somewhere new.
 *pending your location there may be a travel fee separate from session fees. 
Make a difference!
Many people do not realize how easily common household problems could be fixed. With just a few sessions, I have been able to have tremendous progress with the clients that I have worked with so far. With proper and consistent training at home, in between sessions, issues like jumping, mouthing/biting, destructive chewing, anxieties, barking etc. have been tackled in as little as 2 sessions! Age does not matter either.
I offer all age groups of training, from puppies beginning at 8 weeks or older and all the way through elderly animals. 
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A Dog is for Life
Dogs are NOT meant to be recycled. Sadly, too often people get a dog and within a year, it doesn't work out. Mostly due to behavior issues that were left untrained or the location not working out. A lot of people do not truly know the basic rules of obedience...and that's okay! We live our lives in a human world, so how would we know the proper way to communicate with an animal? ...That's where I come in!
Choosing a dog is a HUGE responsibility. Many people get distracted with Fido's adorable eyes, and the way he whined at you when you walked by... However, they forget that lifestyle, breed, and location are just a few of the top things that should be considered FIRST. Not the color of their coat or eyes. If you have any questions about picking the right breed for you and your family, please let me know! I would be happy to help get the right match for your lifestyle.
Simply The Boesch Dog Obedience